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26 03 2008


Bronze Star Medal (for Valor)
Cold War Medal
Marksman Badge
National Defense Service Medal
Ocean Crossing Acknowledgement
Overseas Service Bar
Purple Heart Medal
Vietnam Campaign Medal
Vietnam Civil Action Medal (25th ID)
Vietnam Cross of Gallantry
Vietnam War Service Medal
Vietnam Wound Medal


Probably a good research source, but it needs a software running on the computer, even if I’d trusted them enough, there is no version for Apple. http://www.amervets.com/library.htm


A little portion of weirdness:
Found while searching for the word Platoonie (Platoon Loonie, aside of Stonie – OS fan) Still don’t know what the organisation platoon.org actually does.


But there is another one: http://www.platoon-racing.de. It’s a racing boat.

A little OT, but I love this quote:
The most valuable commodity I know is information. – Gordon Gekko

Spotted: Elias smoking pot in the field

25 03 2008

A detail spotted in the movie: Elias in the “beautiful night” scene is holding a cigarette in his closed hands hiding the glow… Or is it a joint? Looked up in the script — IT IS. This explains Elias’ meditative mood and the line: Oh shit! Sometimes there’s things in my head… man. Grass does that to me, f***s me all up like a crazy Indian…”

I suppose this was cut from the movie as a result of arguments OS had with Dye about smoking dope in the jungle. It somehow shows Elias in a negative light. On the other hand, maybe grass gave him some supernatural abilities, like becoming super-sensitive to the surroundings… he was a crazy Indian after all. 🙂

Cast & Crew: Richard Edson

25 03 2008

Following the information about Lounge Lizards I found some info on Richard Edson.

From IMDB:

QOUTE: In addition to his film success, Edson has had a fascinating career in music, being the original drummer in the New York post-punk band, Sonic Youth and spending three years as drummer for the rhythmic dance band, Konk. It was his involvement in Konk and the New York art scene that caught Jim Jarmusch’s eye and led to his being cast in “Paradise”.

Edson currently lives in Los Angeles where in addition to acting he is very active in music, writing and photography.



Cast & Crew: Corey Glover

24 03 2008

Corey Glover is playing Judas in the stage version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Watched some songs of Living Colour on YouTube, nothing exeptional, but he’s a good singer, and I think I’ve heard at least one of the songs on the radio before.

The Night of the Hunter Reference

24 03 2008

On March 10th I found this blog:

The author mentions her “obsession” with Platoon, which lit that red alarm lamp in my head. And there was another thing which lit a second one: above Platoon entry I spotted a pic from The Night of the Hunter with Robert Mitchum and his hands tatooed with LOVE (right) and HATE (left).

I couldn’t resist writing to her. Didn’t get any sensational answer, but few days later while trying to recall some technical details I came back to Platoon. By accident OS’s commentary was on, and I, ahem, got stuck with it. And then I suddenly heard OS saying the following: “Rhah was a country boy from South Carolina, a kind of R. Mitchum Night of the Hunter character.”

I jumped and yelled aloud a nasty word in english.

I don’t know if I’m more puzzled by the information itself, or the fact that I was able to hear it NOW. 

Question #1 — have I stored the heard information in subconcious, which made me notice the Mitchum pic on the website?

Question #2 — did Stone mean Rhah the character or the real person?

Thought of the Day:
Amazing how the ability to handle new information is based on information already stored. Even more: we are able to filter information from the white noise in the background, are able to hear or see it AT ALL, as if a pattern set once became a matrix allowing to recognize it elsewhere. 

Funny detail: Rhah has HATE on his right and LOVE on his left hand, the Michum character — the other way round.       

Oh, yes, the director of the Night of the Hunter was so disappointed by the poor receive of the movie, that he never made another one. The movie he was planning to do next was… The Naked and the Dead, a movie mentioned in one of the first Platoon reviews I ever read.

Some tidbits about the tattoo:

In The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), LOVE and HATE were tattooed on Eddie’s (Meat Loaf) knuckles, and in The Blues Brothers (1980), the two brothers (John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd) have their names tattooed on their knuckles. In The Simpsons episode Cape Feare, the menacing Sideshow Bob (voice of Kelsey Grammer) had similar tattoos on each set of knuckles as well


Stone’s commentary

23 03 2008

Actually, I feel like I’m hearing a complete new commentary EACH time I listen to it. Does it mean my English is improving?

Here are other bits I could hear this time:

  • Front was no place for cerebral thinking — it was all about radar, about instincts. You needed to be a natural born warrior — some guys did the best they could … but some were dead in the moment they put on the uniforms
  • we’ve lost a Philipino crew member while building the tunnels
  • Richard Edson was a member of the band Lounge Lizards
  • Barnes is loved by his men because he cares for them. Military affection… and it’s clear he is emotionally involved with them.
  • Elias had an element of individuality that worked against the machine
  • Barnes is a street fighter
  • I felt that about Barnes: That he had dead eyes, he’d been the death, he’d been back, across the gulf. That’s what gave him this power over men.

Actually Stone says about Barnes prototype: “he was shot…” – makes a pause to let O’Neil say his joke, and ends: “…was shot in the face… and had miraculous recovery, blah blah blah.” So maybe the “real” Barnes survived.
Stone was wounded the 2. time on Jan 15th 1968 (the church ambush scene)

Stone also names Firebase Burt, attacked on 1st Jan 68. The battle was never mentioned in any source about Vietnam War, so until Hemphill’s book came out, Stone started to think it had never happened and that he’d imagined that night.

The battles in the movie are actually reversed in time.

Two reviews

23 03 2008

A review from New York Times:

Much like Mr. Herr’s ”Dispatches,” this vivid, terse, exceptionally moving new film deals with the immediate experience of the fighting that is, with the life of the infantryman, endured at ground level, in heat and muck, with fatigue and ants and with fear as a constant, even during the druggy hours back in the comparative safety of the base.



The platoon’s most important figures are two NCO’s, each an exhausted, self-aware veteran of earlier Vietnam tours: the facially scarred Sergeant Barnes (Tom Berenger), who has somehow become committed to the war, which is all he has left, and Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe), whom the war has made as eerily gentle as Barnes is brutal. The two men, longtime friends, loathe each other.* (…)

A first viewing of Platoon? might leave you so awed by its brutal starkness that you might not notice the melodrama. (…)

In many ways the three leads and their strife are like this narration: they exist somewhat outside the movie, detached from it, and are examining the plight of the real soldiers. (…)

The other similarity between Platoon and Line is that the Christ figures from both movies went on to play Christ. (…)

Nearly 20 years later, the most popular American film of 1986 the one that has aged well, is talked about most, and more people have seen might no longer be Platoon but is probably Aliens, which won the Oscar for Visual Effects. Both films have been copied beyond count. It’s interesting to note the similarities between the two of them, both about presumptuous, heavily-armed Americans facing an invisible, unknown presence that they would rather kill than understand (James Cameron wrote Aliens with Vietnam in mind).

*I wonder what made the reviewer have the same impression as me about Barnes and Elias being friends in the past. 😉

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