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22 03 2008

Yesterday I found The American Film magazine in my closet, brought by my teacher from the USA in 1991. By accident it had a big pic of OS and article about The Doors. Thought I’d lost it. 🙂

Stone Unturned
by Mark Rowland

QUOTE: Shortly after his return from Vietnam, Stone wrote a first screenplay, Break, with themes and imagery inspired by the Doors — “just sort of a feeling that I thought they evoked.” The hero goes off to Vietnam, falls in with a jungle tribe, dies in the second act and journeys to the Egyptian underworld.* “I didn’t know how to write that much, but it’s really one of my favorite screenplays because it’s so raw and surreal. It was all about passion, unbordered by technique.”

Stone recalls an attempt to send the script to Morrison in Paris. (…) “I’m not a rocker, though I’d love to be”, he admits with a laugh. “With Jim [he means the movie I think], I’m swirling at the edge of a world I totally missed. But there was a lot of personalization. I’m a bit like an actor… with each film you feel another atmosphere around you in your daily life. And with Jim, I feel very warm, very comfortable.”

Two weeks before The Doors entered producktion, Stone was talking with Cheri Siddons, whose husband, Bill was once the Doors’ manager. At the end of their conversation, she dropped on Stones’d desk a copy of that long-ago script for Break. Bill Siddons had found it among effects in Morrison’s Paris Apartment, shortly after Morisson died.

“That was a nice sign,” stone says, still a little amazed by it. “Twenty years later… and it got there, to the man himself.” He smiles quizzically, “I wonder what he thought of it?”


* Egyptian underworld?!? Where the heck they found THAT? Is the author fantasizing (which wouldn’t be anything new) or is there another version of Break?


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