The Real Platoon(6): Barnes and Elias snippet

14 03 2008

from St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture

After being wounded again, he was transferred to the platoon where he met Juan Angel Elias, the inspiration for Sgt. Elias (Willem Dafoe) in Platoon. The part-Spanish, part-Apache, compassionate Elias proved to Stone that someone could be both a good soldier and a decent human being. Stone also met a facially scarred officer who would become the inspiration for Sgt. Barnes–the best soldier Stone ever met, but also an angry loner obsessed with killing and getting even.

Sidetracks: Nez Perce Warrior Reflection

14 03 2008

The website found few days ago is full of information, sadly some pages don’t work on my comp.

This  “Nez Perce Warrior’s Reflection”  though, is a quite a list of things to deal with. Makes PTSD a little bit more than only a medical term.


They said I would be changed in my body.

I would move through the physical world in a different manner.
I would hold myself in a different posture.
I would have pain where there was no blood.
I would react to sights, sounds, movement and touch in a crazy way,
as though I were back in war.

They said I would be wounded in my thoughts.
I would forger how to trust, 
and I would think that others were trying to hurt me. 
I would see dangers in the kindness and concern of my relatives and others.

Most of all, I would not be able to think in a reasonable manner, 
and it would seem that everyone else was crazy.

They told me that it would appear to me that I was alone 
even in the midst of the people, and that there was no one else like me.

They warned me that it would be as though my emotions were locked up, 
and I would be cold in my heart
and not remember the ways of caring for others.

While I might give meat and blankets to the elders, or food to the children, 
I would not be able to feel the goodness of these actions. 
That I would do these things out of habit and not from caring. 
They predicted that I might do harm to others without plan or intention.

They knew that my spirit would be wounded.

They said I would be lonely and that I would find no comfort 
in family, friends, elders or spirits. 
I would be cut off from both beauty and pain. 
My dreams would be dark and frightening. 
My days would be filled with searching and not finding. 
I would not be able to find connections between myself 
and the rest of creation. 
I would look forward to an early death.

And, I would need cleansing in all these things.

Above Submitted by Tom”Doc”Duthie 4/47 9th I.D. “67”


Some words like “elders”, “wounded in the spirit”, “cleansing” gave me the impression of being written by an Indian. I took Nez Perce for a name of the author first, but then I looked it up. Nez Perce is a tribe in Idaho.

The Bookshelf: Oliver Stone by Michael Carlson

14 03 2008

Read Oliver Stone by Micharl Carlson (Pocket Essentials: Film). It’s written 2002, really small booklet but the author has made some interesting observations about Stone’s movies. (Even if he managed to confuse Junior with Francis, lol)

Some bits and pieces I marked:

“(There are points) in (Stone’s) films where he calls “time out”, turns to the audience and explains the moral of the story as if he were afraid they had missed it.”

“He is fond of (…) symbolic images, sometimes showing them as they appear in the conscious, sub-conscious or mind-altered states of his characters. Often these will be so brief as to suggest subliminal (sic!) information at the edges of normal perception.”

“The hilariously contradictory image of the Buddhist Stone terrorising the staff at his production company Ixtlan was the most memorable one in Stepher Schiff’s 1994 New Yorker profile, but it has been a trademark of his mature career as a director. R Downey described the environment of NBK’s set as “Purgatory on a per-diem”. His manipulating of collaborators is legendary…”

Stone’s father’s name was actually Lou Silverstein

The autor also — for the first time I remember — shares my impression that Stone could serve as a model of Travis Bickle from Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. I’ve thought about it immediately as I’ve read for the first time looooong time ago that Stone was driving a taxi in NY after graduating NY University.

There is always an Indian in OS’s movies. Also lizards and snakes seem to have a special place in Stone’s artistic heart.

Is “Poland and Holland” an idiom? Couldn’t find anything so far, even if it sounds like one… anyway the book says that after his success with Midnight Express 1978 OS “travelled to Europe, “losing himself in Poland and Holland.” Well, he was to France often, because of his mother, but what he could be looking for in Poland? 

Other interesting tidbit: Ron Kovic served as an advisor for Coming Home.

Started to read Child’s Night Dream bought on Ebay. It’s not so bad, at least the beginning. It seems to be much better than the German translation I bought right after it was published.

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