Barnes vs. Elias Discussion at

22 02 2008

Another Barnes vs Elias discussion, similar to this on IMDB board but it’s more civilized, many interesting points, I allow myself to quote some snippets:
Paul Man III: More than weed vs. booze or city vs. rural it becomes a battle in the platoon over Search and Destroy or Liberate and Protect. What type of soldier and leader woud you be (or were you)? 
RapierfighterI would follow into combat the man who knows how to be both, and when to be which

Paul Man III: It’s the same reason I don’t own a dog I guess, I don’t need that shallow, base affection all the time. I have cats, they say **** you, like Platoon does to conventional soldier-ego stroking war films

L’zard: For Nam, methinx Barnes is just slightly more likely to get me ( as just a grunt) home than Elias, tho I’ll admit Barnes isnt someone I’d like to give my home address to, LOL!


What caught my attention was that the poster PaulManIII is claiming that Barnes prototype lives, and that Stone says it in the commentary. Sigh, my ability of understanding Stone’s mumbling is still far below satisfactory.

If Barnes prototype survived the war, there only small chance of ever finding him. Finding fallen veterans is —  ironically — much easier.


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