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1 03 2008

Revisited Dale Dye’s website Warriors Inc. and in the article section I found those little gems:

Los Angeles TimesSunday May 25, 1986

“OK, Tex, give me some real agony now,” Dale Dye tells one man who’ll soon become horribly wounded. There is a roar of make-believe agony. The next line, also roared, is from Tom Berenger:


Berenger later reads another bit of dialogue. Whereupon a colleague bellows, “Hey, that’s my freaking line, man! You take my freaking line, I’ll frag you!” All the guys crack up.

But then, this is the world’s only infantry training course with scene studies and character analysis.

Dye, running the course, doubles as sort of a combat Stanislavsky, coaching actors on the war in Vietnam that got him three Purple Hearts. He’s taking his 30 charges–actors and extras recruited from New York, Hollywood, Texas, Tennessee, and the Philippines–through 12 unique days of hard, no-slack field training.

The aim is to give them a taste of being grunts, Army infantrymen, before they start playing them in “The Platoon,” a new movie about the war not due for release until fall. (…)

Judging from interviews with actors in Stone’s film, the misery they’ve endured has given them a lot of new- found appreciation for the American grunts of Vietnam.

“It gives you such a totally different way of looking at them,” says Johnny Depp, 22, the film’s Spec. 4 Lerner. “Before, you’d read books, read ‘We humped the boonies and we sweated,’ and you’d say, ‘Honest to God, it must’ve been hard.’

“But when you actually do it, with your ruck on your back, your web belt, your gun, going down and climbing up–it’s just unbelievable. It gives you a totally different attitude . . . and what we’re doing is a piece of cake compared to what those guys did.”

“My respect for them has escalated about 700%,” says Charlie Sheen. “We’re just scraping the surface because it’s not a life-and-death situation here. But if it was real–a different ballgame, man, a very different ballgame.”


Life After ‘Platoon’
Year Since Big Oscar Win Has Brought Mixed Returns to Cast
Los Angeles Times, February 19, 1988

QUOTE: Still, in talking about returning to the States, several in the cast, fully aware that they had seen nothing compared to those who were in combat in Vietnam, expressed feelings of uneasiness or strangeness that in a way eerily echoed sentiments of those who had gone through the real thing years earlier.

Depp said he felt oddly depressed. He missed the guys, the closeness, and “it was almost the exact same thing that I’ve since talked to veterans about . . . that whole feeling, the camaraderie, the tightness.

“I missed that. That’s probably why we still hang out like fiends here.”

“I definitely experienced a strange culture shock,” Whitaker said. “I didn’t fit in for a moment there. . . . It was the weirdest thing. I took quite a while to accept being really back home.”

Why? “I guess because the project was so submerging. . . . It wasn’t that easy to just let it go. We were so far into the characters and what was going on. For me, it wasn’t that easy to drop it. I was surprised that happened.”

The article for the first time mentions a location in the Philippines that can be tracked down with Google Earth: Camp Castaneda.

The image below is cut from the scan here 

Can you see a clapboard in the background? It seems the working title was… THE Platoon. Hmmm…. whatever it means.


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