… and I couldn’t say it better. The reasons my be slightly different, but these words still describe what happened also to me. I went, I saw… and things have never been the same.

From the first time I saw Platoon I’ve had an impression that something essential in the story was just beyond my grasp. There were no further hints — only an urge to learn more, and it wouldn’t go away even after watching the movie for several times. To be honest, it’s still there.

So what is the goal of this blog? Let’s say, to see how much you can find out about one film.

I want to set one thing clear: I don’t give a rat’s backside about Oliver Stone’s political views, if he hates America, loves Castro, and eats little children for supper everyday. As well as about liberals, right-wingers, about who really won the Vietnam War and why. As an European I don’t think I know enough to have any fact-based opinion. I’m not interested in politics but in the creative process. So let’s stick to the movie: its ideas, historical background, symbolism, interpretations and other things more or less directly related to it.

Do I have my own subjective opinion about Platoon? Yep. Am I biased? You bet. Opinionated? Probably. And of course I am endorsing my own interpretation by preferring views that support it — but I will try to keep the last within a limit.

I’m not a native English speaker. So please bear with me, shall my usage of it become… let’s call it overly creative
. Corrections made in a civilized manner are always welcome.




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