Pictures of Juan Elias

8 03 2008

Note: This post is 4 years old. Long time I was hesitating about posting Elias’ pictures openly, so the post reminded private.


I’m quite obsessed with finding the real Barnes. Veterans’ websites appeared one after another, I thought: well, before I try to find Barnes, the guy I know almost nothing about, maybe I should look if I can find the other two guys who were there for sure (Stone) or most probably (Elias). Just to see if it is possible at all. And if I was able to find Stone, it would at least narrow the search to just one unit.

After I found the website for one of the units, first I looked at the “Tribute to Fallen Brothers”, and gasped aloud seeing Elias’ name. Somehow it took me by surprise… Then I went through all those data-heavy, poorly edited pages. Dang, they have a whole yearbook with all guys from the brass down to PFCs (including a one-eyed soldier(!) and a woman (?!?), but it is from 1969/70.

Anyway, finally there is this page, I was still on an analog dial-up, the names came first and there he was: Juan Elias. The pic loaded line by line, it took forever until his head appeared and I felt as if I’m going to have a heart attack, I almost bite my fingernails off, lol.  It was time enough also to ask myself it I really want to know…

Well, the quality is a little disappointing. I tried to increase it, but no Photoshop wizardry could make this really bad scans much better. So after all Elias remains a kind of ghost.

Until now I was still a little suspicious about that statement of Juan Elias’ daughter, because finding Elias on the Wall was quite easy. Everyone with a little inside knowledge could just make it up. But I believe now. There are just too much details that fit.

From the website:

Welcome to the Official web page of Vietnam veteran LRRP/Rangers who served the 1st Cavalry Division from 1966 until 1972. We proudly served our country along with the 1st Cavalry Division as members of LRRP Det. 191 MI, LRRP Det. HHC, Co. E (LRP) 52nd Infantry (ABN), Co. H (Ranger) 75th Infantry (ABN), or HHC Det. 10 (Ranger)* of the 1st Cavalry Division (AM) during combat operations in the Republic of Vietnam.

*Elias (and therefore OS) must have served in one of these units

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