A “What the Hell?” Moment: Seeing Ghosts

15 03 2008

I was driving to my workplace in the morning when I saw an old american-made car in front of me. It really stood out: An old big car, full of scars, twice as long and twice as broad as the cars here, must have been flown in from USA in the seventies… Keeping such a car is pure madness if you consider the cost of fuel and horrendous taxes for old cars without catalyzers. Car lovers keep some old vehicles despite all the obstacles, but this one didn’t looked like it was loved that much… Drove closer to look up the brand, but instead, just beside the German license plate, I noticed a bumper sticker VIETNAM VETERAN.

This kind of things start to happen to me every time I come back to the Platoon/Vietnam topic. Must be the selective perception kicking in and I know that, but it always feels like seeing ghosts.


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