Platoon (1986) reviewed by Victoria Baschzok

14 09 2008

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The lady definitely didn’t get it. I wonder what movie she was watching…

cudz.jpg picture by alveni[Platoon] was made up of a young, naive and well-intentioned officer who commanded young, well-intentioned soldiers, including the naive hero, Chris. The source of power in the group was a blondish, pale, beautiful, gentle yet strong and wise sergeant. These people all believed in the American dream and saw themselves as victims of injustice. huh.gif picture by alveni The source of power in the company was also a sergeant – a senior staff sergeant. However, he was dark-skinnedhuh.gif picture by alveni, cynical, scarred and cunning. The first represented the American ideal; the second was the devil. To be more exact, the second represented a constant in American history – the traitor,  Benedict Arnold in modern dress, the man who believes that men of principle are weak, the force of evil within each person and therefore within the nation. His cynicism and crude interpretation of reality enable him to trick others into temporarily betraying the American dreamhuh.gif picture by alveni


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