The bookshelf: Oliver Stone by Chris Salewicz

19 03 2008

The book Oliver Stone, the Making of his Movies by Chris Salewicz came on Monday with the mail, after I’ve been waiting for it a whole month long. After few pages I had to put the book away and log into www, because I’d found a little remark I must have been overlooking for last 10 years. It was about OS’s early script.

QUOTE: Back in New York in 1968 he attempted to make some sense of his life by writing a screenplay. Break, a surreal semi-autobiographical telescoping of various of his experiences with his parents and in Vietnam contained the seeds of the Elias and Barnes characters in Platoon, and was set to the music of The Doors: Stone even tried to get the script to Jim Morrison whom he wanted to play the lead.

How could I read further after that!?!

It took surprisingly short time to get the manuscript here.


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