The Real Platoon (3): Finding William O. Stone

16 02 2008

For a background research, most valuable detail in Platoon: Bravo Company turned out to be a little remark on one of the last pages. That the soldiers from the unit founded an organisation named Bravo Regulars. It was not mentioned in the text, but — of course — they have a website.

Went through the pages, finding some familiar names from Hemphill’s book, and then learning a new word in English: roster. There are scans of the Company rosters here. And here is one that has the name: William O. Stone’s. 

I almost overlooked it, but then I recalled Child’s Night Dream I read in German ages ago, and that Stone was using his real first name William there for the more macho side of his protagonist (who is clearly based on OS himself), saving his middle name, Oliver for the artistic part. It doesn’t surprise me that he decided to stick with Oliver for his career. It also can explain why people were accusing OS that he’d never served in Vietnam, because there was no Oliver Stone in any military archive.

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