The Things they Carried… On Their Helmets: A Surprise

18 02 2008

Haven’t I told you? Google is on my side. Sometimes.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the end of the mystery: From left to right:
A pack of toilet paper, matches, bottle of insect repellent, matches


So the piece of paper on Barnes’ helmet is something as trivial as weatherproof matches. Beside that, the pack (bottom) used in the movie is an anachronism: it’s the version produced now, the original from 1960s is that one on the top. And the brown thing is toilet paper and not wound dressing as I was so sure.

And what I was looking for? Watches: on some pictures I spotted Wolfe and Barnes wearing identical ones. As I told you, I’m an ignorant to the military matters, I wanted to look it up and see if there was something like army issue of watches. There are. Found them on this nice website for re-enactors together with the picture above.

A side note: at the beginning of the movie Chris uses a metal “civil” watch, it’s that one he can hardly read through the fogged glass during the night ambush. Later he obviously decides to replace it by the waterproof army version.

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