Message On a Helmet: Another Mystery

22 01 2008

While trying to decipher what’s written on the paper snippet on Barnes’ helmet, I noticed small, hardly visible graffiti on the strap, up side down, as if to prevent the viewer from reading it: on the right there is “Chi-Town hustler” written in thin letters, on the left ?ELLEZ written in capitals. Looked through all visual evidence I own, the first letter could be T or F.

Chi-town is the nickname of Chicago, Berenger’s birthplace, but what the hell is TELLEZ? Googling didn’t help much, both versions are popular second names, ellez seems to be a word in Turkish and French. Again, your only friend in such case is patience and strike of luck.

Then I thought what if it is a name of the “real” Barnes? Looked up at The Virtual Wall website, getting multiple hits and my heart started to beat faster… But again, the details don’t fit. Too young, a pfc, wrong branch, wrong time… sigh. It’s not good for my blood pressure. 

What the hell is it? A number (835539/335539)? Name? Acronym? A damn hidden message?

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