The Religious Affiliation of Director Oliver Stone

16 05 2008

QUOTE: On the strength of his films it’s not difficult to guess which category he places himself in. There is a strong autobiographical streak running through all his work, from the Charlie Sheen character in Platoon to the mass murdering outlaw in Natural Born Killers. Perhaps the character closest to his heart was Jim Morrisson in The Doors, whom Stone presents as a tortured soul who risks social exile for the sake of his art. In the course of the film Morrison is compared to Marcel Proust, Oscar Wilde and Jesus Christ. Even in Heaven and Earth Stone can’t resist identifying with the central character, even though she’s a woman. In his most autobiographical film to date, Stone depicts her as a transcendent fusion of Buddha and Christ

Oliver Stone: “THE DIRECTORS” on YouTube

1 05 2008

OS receiving Oscar for Platoon on YouTube

30 04 2008

I’ve never seen this before. In the auditory one can see OS’s mom, Tom Berenger and Dafoe (looking very young). I liked how Stone named the event: a Cinderella Ending. It made me recall those 10 years long story and all the obstacles Stone met before he could make the movie. I recalled the interviews from The Tour of The Inferno, how all the crew thought the movie was doomed because Top Gun being THE military movie in the theatres that year, and the not-so-good start just before Christmas… it was indeed a Cinderella Ending.

WWW Findings: If Oliver Stone Picked a Pseudonym…

29 04 2008

A HERO’S TALE (Word Trade Center)


OS: “If I could change my name like John le Carre does when he writes books, I would have done it years ago.” He’s even picked a pseudonym — Alex Miller. (…)

He’s also seriously considering a comedy.

Stone has been working on a script about the changes people go through from childhood to old age.

“In part, it’s based on my father and my sons and my wives — I’ve had three — and my grandmothers,” he says. “It would be even more personal than ‘Platoon.’ I mean this would be on a larger canvas. Of course, I worry that it would be viewed as self-indulgent and a vanity project.”

Sounds like the time to trot out Alex Miller.

The name Alexander seems to have a special meaning to him, maybe because of his childhood friend mentioned in Child’s Night Dream. There is also an Alexander in Break.

Stone on YouTube

5 04 2008

Watched some interviews with Stone on YouTube. Also a long speech he had at University of Regina. Well, sometimes he can speak clearly, I wish he would do this in the Platoon commentary. In his speech he quotes Roethke’s line: “In the dark time the eye beginns to see”, which is also a favorite quote of Viggo Mortensen, these were the first words he said in the Lord of the Rings documentary. Made me jump hearing these words unexpectedly.

Stone also mentioned that he’d dreamt of being ship merchant as a young man. This dream is described in his novel.

The Platoon

16 03 2008

Found another gem. Sadly, I did save the PDF file but didn’t save the link. Must go and find it again… 

Personal Struggles and Political Issues
an interview by Gary Crowdus, 1988

Quote: Q: If you had been able to make Platoon when you first completed the script in 1976, do you thing the public response might have been different?

A: Yes. the script was more of less the same structure. It deepened a bit for me in 1984 when I did a rewrite and put in the killing of Sgt. Barnes by the C Sheen character. That was a heightening of the symbolism I was trying to achieve. In the original version of the script, Chris got out easy, he just walked. In the final rewrite I decided that, be that as it may, he would go out of there a murderer. 

So Stone wasn’t stoned doing those deleted scenes from 20th Anniversary Edition, but tried out the initial idea! Now, what I want is the first draft of the script! 

They still used the name “The Platoon” while shooting, as the picture (as mentioned HERE) already shows. Is there a story behind the name change?

Stone on YouTube

4 03 2008

From an OS interview on YouTube (not sure if heard right): One’s idea about movies is often one’s idea of life. So people do movies about other movies instead of life.

From another one: Stone said he made a lot of photographs in VN because he couldn’t write due to the weather conditions. This is something I’ve noticed for the first time, maybe because just recently I re-discovered photography as a hobby and an art form.

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