Cast & Crew: Keith David, Willem Dafoe

20 05 2008

A website on Keith David: with little movies showing him sing. No, is NOT his email address, lol.

On Dafoe’s Wooster Group

From Dale Dye’s commentary

16 05 2008

QUOTE: Very siginificant scene in terms of Barnes’m ability to see into men’s soul from the depths of his own tortured soul. And I think Tom brought it beautifully in that character, and as you may have heard, this character is a sort of melt, of compositive of lot of guys that Oliver knew in Vietnam. And hopefully I had my (…) in there too, there is some aspects of Barnes that (…) and Tom just picked it up like a sponge, he just sucked it al in and when it was time, it would come up

– It was Tom’s idea not to talk after Sal and Sandy got blown up.

– DD seems to see Barnes and Elias as allegory for clear division between good and evil (a view that I don’t share)

– The fight in the village was fully improvised

– Taking snapshots with a camera was Dillon’s idea

Some totally new pics!

15 05 2008

It always surprises me to find something I never saw before.

QUOTE: Willem Dafoe [Sgt. Elias]: I got in a room with Oliver and he was very direct and charismatic. I liked the guy. And I think he was just looking for people to take this adventure with him. People that he knew would get behind the story and not be interested in it for money or career.

Tom Berenger [Sgt. Barnes]: One night in the Philippines, Oliver and I were having a couple of beers after dinner and he said, “I’ll tell you one thing, I was scared to death of [the actual soldier Sgt. Barnes is based on].”

Forest Whitaker [Big Harold]: When we got off the plane in Manila, it was this massive heat a force field of heat that was like, Pow! I had never been to any place like that before.”

Dafoe: The cool thing about boot camp was that it sort of paralleled the story in terms of how ill-equipped [the actors] were [at] dealing with what we were doing. That kind of became a key to understanding that all these young guys in their early twenties having to do these impossible and really horrific things and not having the preparation or understanding.

Berenger: We wouldn’t talk to the crew for about a week because they weren’t us. We had trained. They had air conditioning, clean sheets and Japanese food.

Whitaker: I talked to vets about the movie and all the guys I met said that it felt like the way it was.

Whitaker: I didn’t hate Oliver at all. I thought that he was a brilliant filmmaker. In fact, I even told him one time in Manila that I thought the movie was going to be a big success.”

Berenger: I had the strange feeling that everybody who was or had been in the military would see the film, and their families too. That’s quite a lot of people.”

Oliver Stone [director]: Platoon came out in the heart of the Reagan era and it was a shift in the paradigm. The Rambo films that had been so popular were no longer. The Oliver North scandal ironic that his name is Oliver broke a month or so before the film, so in a way, we drove a stake through the heart [of the era].”

Stone: When we went to Europe [to do publicity], there were places that were anti-American, about the military and Vietnam, and hated the movie. The intellectuals probably didn’t like it. They didn’t even want to look at it as a human film.

Cast & Crew: Dale Dye’s photos

14 05 2008

Another interesting Google Alert set on Dale Dye: a website with excellent photos,
and even more of them:

From mail exchange with John:

As for Dale Dye (and I have to confess that I was truly star struck when I met him) [he] is, indeed, very cool. (…) I think he’s someone used to having people do what he says and doing it quickly (ie. the way he asks a waitress to fetch him a beer &double time!). Still, I’m just very glad he’s on OUR side! 

LOL, I often refer to him as DD (DeeDee). Maybe I should change it into Didi Mau… 😉

Cast & Crew: Detailed biographies on

13 05 2008

Oliver Stone

Tom Berenger

Willem Dafoe

Keith David

Cast & Crew: Making of Triumph of the Spirit

9 05 2008

… with Willem Dafoe

Cast & Crew: Dale Dye at Work

1 05 2008

Quote: The only known video footage from soldier training during the making of Last of the Mohicans in Asheville, NC during the summer of 1991. This footage is not edited…The gentleman in the beret is Capt. Dale Dye, who is the most famous military technical advisor of all time.

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