Last Year In Vietnam (1971)

5 05 2019

Unfortunately, it’s only in French. I’ll look if I can find an English transcript of it.



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5 05 2019

The person doing the voiceover is Stone’s then wife, Najwa Sarkis. I do recall Stone mentioning the poems she’s reciting, but frustratingly I can’t remember where I read that so I could go and get the author’s name. Maybe I’ll listen to this and try to see if I can pick out any of the French phrases and Google it (although my French is pretty bad).

It’s awesome that you found this complete, with the original soundtrack, though. The version I first watch on Youtube had some other music overdubbing it and it was bizarrely split into two parts.

29 05 2019

Hi, is it okay if I contact you via Email you use for the comments?

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