Sidetracks: Heroes of My Lai honoured

14 09 2008

Was looking what MSN Live Search has to offer about OS and Platoon and found an excerpts from “Napalm am Morgen” (Napalm in the Morning), a German book about Vietnam War Movies which mentioned this:

From BBC News website, Saturday, March 7, 1998: 
Heroes of My Lai honoured

cudz.jpg image by alveniTwo soldiers [Hugh Thompson Jr and Lawrence Colburn] who stopped their comrades from slaughtering innocent civilians during the Vietnam War 30 years ago have been awarded the Soldier’s Medal. The family of a third, who was later killed in the conflict, will also receive the honour, the highest the US Army can award for bravery not involving direct conflict with the enemy.

I cannot believe it took 30 years! Sadly, Hugh Thompson died on cancer in 2006 and Ronald Ridenhour, who sputted the investigation in May 1998.

However on Thompson’s Wikipedia page there is a quotation of a dialogue between Thompson and Calley:

Calley: [I am] Just following [orders]…
Thompson: But, these are human beings, unarmed civilians, sir.
Calley: Look Thompson, this is my show. I’m in charge here. It ain’t your concern. 

I wonder if Stone intentionally gave a similar line to Barnes.


Further links: 

Well, what a way to spend 3 hours of a Sunday afternoon…

Calley: Look Thompson, this is my show. I’m in charge here. It ain’t your concern.



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