A negative review…

14 09 2008

…of Platoon found HERE. I see, the reviewer didn’t like the symbolic underlining of the movie, but at least he/she doesn’t call it leftist propaganda made by a jerk and conspiracy theorist, lol. I kind of like the John Wayne comparison.

cudz.jpg picture by alveniRather than being about the Vietnam war as it really was, this film is basically an exercise in what America wants the vietnam war to be. Despite endless comments to the contrary, there is nothing “realistic” about the film. The characters and plot are almost cartoonish. Its like a postmodernist John Wayne movie with different politics.In real life, things don’t break down into “good” soldiers and “evil” soldiers. Real life and real people are about shades of grey. The war also changed over time. Oliver Stone served in 1967 but the movie is often showing situations that were more out of 1971 with which he had no personal experience.

What a real film about vietnam would show is ordinary people doing a tough job day after day and doing the best they could. Its not about archtype evil officers, good/evil “father” figures and long political monologues. 

About the only thing this film got right were the uniforms.

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