Sidetracks: A poster spotted in FMJ

10 09 2008

Don’t you just love computer monitors? They show so much more details than an old TV set, that sometimes I have an impression of watching an entirely new movie. 

This time I spotted a poster on the wall 

which somehow reminded me of the one I found in Born on the 4th of July.

Is it only me or they both look like a series? 

Still, googling Pride and Valor together didn’t help much.


Edited to add: The bottom line goes like “????? MEN”. After trying to enhance the picture in Photoshop, viewing channels, inverting it and doing another strange things to decipher the other word (it’s not so easy as some movies suggest) I finally gave up. Looked again today and suddenly “saw” what the word is: BUILDS. “Marine Corps builds men” is a popular line, there is even one military poster from the era with the same line, but it shows a photo. Why I cannot find those two?

They must be authentic, I doubt Kubrick and Stone hired the same artist to fake posters for their movies…


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