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23 08 2008

This is something I wanted to post a while ago already. It’s not only interesting because of the behind-the-scenes stuff about FMJ, but also because of the stories about the “real” people behind FMJ’s characters, you will find them scattered all around the place. There is a picture of Mike Stokey, mentioned before who worked on Tropic Thunder.  There is a not so flattering opinion on Short-Timers by Oliver Stone. There are also some pictures of Dale Dye who was in the same correspondent group called “Snuffies” with Hasvord. Michael Herr, who cowrote FMJ wrote also some texts for the website. I suspect that the link between Dye and Herr is more than just this short quote from Dispatches:

QUOTE: ….There was a young Marine correspondent, Sergeant Dale Dye, who sat with a tall yellow flower sticking out of his helmet cover, a really outstanding target. He was rolling his eyes around saying “Oh, yes, oh yes, Charlie’s got his **** together here, this will be BAD,” and smiling happily. It was the same smile I saw a week later when a sniper’s bullet tore up a wall two inches above his head, odd cause for amusement in anyone but a grunt.

I still have to read through all that stuff, also through “Short Timers” text available online from the site. Jeez, I need 60 hours days, second pair of eyes and some damn extension allowing my brain to process the information at a satisfying speed. To do list grows faster than done list..

I wished there was a similar website with Platoon background… 

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