Spotted (long ago): Left-Handed squad?

21 08 2008

It was something that I was wondering about for a very long time, and apparently I was not alone:

QUOTE: Just after the scene when the soldiers burn a village and they are walking in a field along with some civilians, they are all noticeably left-handed (they carry their rifles with the trigger on their left side, pointing them to the right).(…)

And here is the explanation:

QUOTE: The soldiers carrying their rifles with the muzzles pointed to the right is technically a correct detail. You’ll notice the soldiers are walking in a double column formation. All rifles are pointed outboard in this type of formation for safety’s sake. Therefore, the soldiers in the right hand column would always carry their weapons left handed to prevent shooting the soldiers in the left hand column if they were suddenly ambushed. It is standard practise in U.S. ground forces to do so.




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