TV: Any Given Sunday

9 08 2008

Just watched it. I don’t really relate to the subject. Or maybe I should have watch the movie ONLY, without trying to finish editing this blog at the same time…

Too many people talking at the same time didn’t help to understand the dialogues, but the cinematography is outstanding. Great stunts, great atmosphere, great sound — I almost regret I haven’t seen it on the big screen. It had this “you are there” feeling in the game sequences.

John McGinley looking super-sleazy didn’t fit into the cast somehow. Too overdone IMO. There is Oliver Stone as a commentator. And — as Michael Carlson stated in his book — there is an Indian in the movie, even if he’s uncredited: To my great surprise I recognized fragments of the soundtrack as coming from Robbie Robertson’s Music for The Native Americans. I discovered the CD by incident few years ago.


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