A New York Times article from March ’87

8 08 2008

The article points out that even if “Platoon” was the first in the cue of “realistic Vietnam movies” it didn’t cause the wave. The other Vietnam movies were already in production as Platoon won the Oscars.

By ALJEAN HARMETZ, March 16, 1987

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QUOTE: The effect of ”Platoon” on future films is not dependent on its winning Oscars. Because of the movie’s commercial success, more scripts about the Vietnam War are being looked at by the studios. But the making of a realistic movie about the Vietnam War is also part of a change in American attitudes. The script for ”Platoon” was written 11 years ago and peddled from studio to studio for more than half a decade. The cultural changes that enabled ”Platoon” to be made have already triggered other films. It usually takes between 18 months and two years for a movie to go from beginning idea to finished film; Vietnam is an idea whose time came about 15 months ago.


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