Sidetracks: Spalding Gray

2 08 2008

The name Spalding Gray always existed in the background, I don’t even remember when or where I’ve heard it for the first time, but it was surely connected to his performance piece “Swimming to Cambodia”, which by it’s title alone must have triggered my interest. 

Lately his name surfaced again as I found a series of photographs of members of the Performance Garage here. But, well, I cannot research on everything at the same time so I haven’t look up… until today

From Wikipedia

QUOTE: Gray first achieved national prominence with his film Swimming to Cambodia, a filmed version of one of his monologues. He based the monologue on his experiences in Southeast Asia while filming a small part in the 1984 movie The Killing Fields.

Gray was a founding member of the experimental theater company The Wooster Group (it is also where Willem Dafoe works between his movies)

The funny detail: Killing Fields was shown in TV yesterday. 🙂


from Ghosts in the Text: Thirty Years and More of The Wooster Group
October 2007

(…) Then individual members of the troupe began to experience the beginnings of their own break-out careers: in fact, at the same time that I saw L.S.D., Gray was breaking in his monologue Swimming to Cambodia, the 1987 film of which would make him a near-household name; in 1986 Dafoe would be nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Oliver Stone’s Platoon

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