New information on IMDB

30 07 2008

Uh-hum, Break made it into IMDB. It’s 4,5 months since I’ve sent the link to the OS website admin. Maybe it came from there. Or someone did a similar research on his own.

Someone also updated the trivia, goofs and FAQs sections on IMDB, there is a plenty new stuff, good work folks, whoever you are. But still nobody mentioned the camera dolly rolling across the screen, heheheheh…

In the Goofs section I’ve read following:

After the first firefight, the blood “M” the medic puts on Private Gardner’s forehead disappears. 

First I was like “Huh? An M?”, but than I took a look and there is a big red M on Gardner’s forehead! To me it was more interesting to know what it means. Here I found that it was the sign that the wounded got his shot of morphine. Things one learns from movies… 😉


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