DVD Review: Platoon – The 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

26 07 2008

from monstersandcritics.com

QUOTE: Platoon is mostly plotless. The viewer is in the dark as much as the soldiers are. There is no ultimate objective for the soldiers and there is rarely a clear shot of the Vietcong. They are presented as evil ghosts, hidden in the foliage. Stone uses this to his advantage by deliberately not given them clear frames in which to be seen in. It is unclear how close or how far they are in relation to the platoon. The battle scenes involve looking in every direction and in many instances men are ordered to “shoot anything that moves.”  As a result, many of the soldiers are never clear exactly whom they are shooting at which leads to an even greater fear; chances for survival are one in two.  Never before in a war film had battles been so purposely confusing so as to demonstrate the pure madness of war.  You truly feel the disorientation and separation that the grunt feels toward the outside world. (…)

Both men (Elias and Barnes) inhabit their roles with an eerie authenticity that makes you understand where each man comes from and how they got to be who they are. The rest of the cast, McGinley, Depp, Whitaker, Dillon, David etc., all manage to bring a human element to their character whether you care for them or not.

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