Looking for The Cover-up

24 07 2008

Trying out what I find if I try to search for The Cover-up, the other unproduced early script of OS

From OS Message Board
A Writer’s Journey (Part One)

QUOTE: I had written a novel when I was 18 or 19 years old. It was a very long, kind of James Joyceian approach — epic language, poetic language. It wasn’t published, and I moved on into Vietnam. I went to Vietnam as a soldier to forget about writing. To never write again. Because writing is very cerebral. In Vietnam I made a couple of notes, but they got so wet in the field that I gave up the idea of paper and pen and went back to a certain anonymity. I think writing those kind of materials brings a lot of attention to yourself. I felt very self-absorbed, and I was trying to get away from that.

Later in my tour I bought a camera and started to take more pictures. A thousand pictures of a beautiful country — yellows and greens — absolutely incredible color.

And a follow-up:

QUOTE: But I continued writing two scripts a year. I probably did eleven or twelve scripts in there, plus many treatments. I sent them around. No agents would read them(….) I ended up at a sports film company for a while. I was miserable, but at least it was putting some bread on the table. Two screenplays a year, every year. Churning them out.

My big break came when Robert Bolt (Lawrence of Arabia, A Man for All Seasons) and his partner read one of my scripts and liked it a lot. It was based on the Patty Hearst kidnapping and called The Cover-Up. It was an early form of JFK — it had a conspiracy- type theme because, in fact, some of the people involved in that kidnapping had records as police agents. Bolt loved it and brought me out to LA, one of my first big trips here. He treated me like a king. A very genial man. He had just finished The Mission*, which I read then — a wonderful screenplay.

A Follow-up for A Writer’s Journey (Part Two)

QUOTE: Unfortunately, Dino De Laurentiis welshed the deal. He didn’t come through with his end and he even tried to keep the screenplay. I had to sue him, threaten to sue him actually, to get my script back and for him to absorb all the casting and scouting costs in the Philippines, which he did. But I had cast the whole movie. I had scouted it. I had everything picked out. It was another heartbreaker — you cannot have your heart broken so many times without getting either you give up or you become very cynical.


Uh-huh, we have the name Robert Bolt again, also the story about “scouting and casting” Platoon in the Philippines for De Laurentiis… interesting.

* By accident The Mission was Platoon’s competitor for Oscar race in 1987



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