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24 07 2008

A snippet about not-so-long-ago found Night of the Hunter reference in an DVD review. Now it’s everywhere too!

Deleted and Extended Scenes

 Quote: There aren’t too many surprises among these 11 clips (with optional commentary from Stone): they’re mostly dialogue scenes that were obviously cut because they slowed down the action. Nevertheless, one is happy to see the Night of the Hunter reference in one grunt’s LOVE/HATE tattoos, as well as an alternative denouement in which Chris lets Barnes live.

Oliver Stone’s Mother Lode
 By Lloyd Grove, Washington Post, September 1997
an article about Child’s Night Dream and some almost too personal details from OS’s life

Platoon. Full Metal Jacket: Back to Vietnam
 by Mike Felkerfrom, Jump Cut, Feb. 1988

A review at OS fanpage, comparing Platoon and Wall Street

Quote: Platoon and Wall Street deserve to be placed side by side not only because they were the two earliest successful films of Stone’s, but also they represent a story structure which is exactly the same, played out in two entirely different stories, one a story in the Vietnam War, and one a current story on Wall Street. I urge you to watch both of these films and keep this similar story structure in mind – it’s amazing how similar and yet how unique both of these powerful films are.


Platoon review
by James Berardinelli

Quote: Following a three-month shoot on location in the Philippines, Stone had all the footage he needed. Once Platoon was in the can, the actors agreed on two things: they had just participated in a meaningful project and they hated Stone. Ultimately, that didn’t stop most of them from working with him again. Sheen returned in Stone’s follow-up to Platoon, Wall Street, and both Berenger and Dafoe appeared in Born on the Fourth of July


Platoon review
by Ivana Redwine

The character in the film who is most like Stone is 19-year-old Chris Taylor, played by Charlie Sheen. It’s intriguing that in his commentary, Stone sometimes seems not to draw a sharp distinction between himself, the actor Charlie Sheen, and the fictional character Chris Taylor.


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