Wall Street

20 07 2008

Wall Street, fromĀ Wikipedia:

Quote: Stone met with Tom Cruise about playing Bud Fox, but the director had already committed to Charlie Sheen for the role.

Funny, my first thought after seeing Wall Street was the conclusion that Tom Cruise would be better in the part. It was shortly after I’d seen Rain Man and was really impressed with Tom’s performance.

And this reminds me very much of casting Berenger for Platoon:

Quote: Michael Douglas had just come off heroic roles like the one in Romancing the Stone and was looking for something dark and edgy. The studio wanted Warren Beatty to play Gekko but he was not interested. Stone initially wanted Richard Gere but the actor passed, so the director went with Douglas despite having been advised by others in Hollywood not to cast him. Stone remembers, “I was warned by everyone in Hollywood that Michael couldn’t act, that he was a producer more than an actor and would spend all his time in his trailer on the phone.”

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