Break again

2 07 2008

I think at least a part of the problem with Break is it’s form: the font, the double spaced lines, letters used instead of characters’ names… So I took the text and converted it into something more readable IMHO. It’s not a “real” movie script format (don’t have the time to actually write the script anew, lol), and it surely still contains a lot of errors, but at least it’s more eye-friendly than the original here. I hope you don’t mind the capital letters in all names, they made it easier to spot them in the text.

Anyway, re-reading the text I started to see some… ahem… charm in it, and noticed passages I apparently overlooked or could not remember. There is a little more about sergeant Lee which could have been as well included in Platoon script:

LEE gives him (Bunny) a tight look, squinting; he frequently squints, nervously assuring himself of which part of his face is really his.


And this makes me think of Barnes shooting the running VC in the village:

Picks his rifle up, puts it to his shoulder, his eye squinting, medium to close shot, he is an expert marksman, his legs loosely spread and the stock of his rifle deeply imbedded in the shoulder, the rifle slightly twisted inward, his rear elbow coming up off the ground as he sights in; for a little man, he shoots high off the body, very confident, very precise.


Something about Lee/Isaac or Barnes/Elias relationship:

Shot of the feet next to LEE. On the feet are moccasins, they are ISAAC’s, LEE looking up at ISAAC, who has a small French submachine gun cradled in his arms, and is looking down at the stream bed. ISAAC giving LEE a look and proceeding down to the stream, his action forestalling a massacre. LEE with hate in his eye, staring at ISAAC’s back.


It’s strange, because there is nothing I could find about why Lee hates Isaac.

I also wonder about the character Alexander. Still haven’t paid enough attention to the first part of the script, but somehow the character makes me think that Alexander is actually Anthony’s alter ego, or someone who Anthony (and OS) wanted to be — a kind of brooding handsome artist. And that makes me think of Jim Morrison, and admiration OS had for him. Stone 1) sent Break to Morrison (or was intending to do so), 2) made a movie about The Doors, 3) compared Juan Elias to Morrison in one or more interviews.




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