IMDB: the old discussion on Barnes vs. Elias resurrected

1 06 2008

Re: Barnes or Elias? who would you fight under? ARE YOU KIDDING?

QUOTE: by teddy-996 (Sun Jun 1 2008 02:49:12)

Barnes attempted to keep his men alive through strict discipline and combat efficiency, while Elias took a softer, more personal approach. Both are valid leadership methods.

Barnes did kill a civilian and a fellow soldier though, and that’s not something I condone.

I’d follow either into a fight, and I would take the lessons they’d teach to heart as quickly as possible.

 by MattBedo (Sun Jun 1 2008 04:22:33)

Teddy as I said in a previous post I feel that Barnes wsa not doing what he did out of pleasure or malice. You can see that he is a tortured soul. This is evident in his drunken speech. As Charlie Sheen says the scene where he kills Barnes was not the murder of Barnes but a release… A release welcomed by Barnes himself.

Barnes’s hapless killing of civilians occured through the stresses you have listed and it can to an extent be understood but you cannot condone it or say that you would follow it and turn a blind eye. I don’t like your opinion that one of Barnes’s leadership tactics is called’combat efficiency’. Would you call the execution of children combat efficiency?

Elias wasn’t perfect but Barnes was a murderer. As Edmund Burke says “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” People who say they would turn a blind eye in that situation? I admire their honesty, but I do not admire their lack of courage.

by teddy-996 (Sun Jun 1 2008 05:14:01)

As I said in the above post, I’m not on board with what happened in the village scene, nor do I approve of Barnes’ shooting of Elias. If it came down to it, I’d like to say that I would have been standing with Elias at Barnes’ court martial. However, if I was part of that platoon and under the same conditions they had been in, I’ve no idea how I’d respond. I didn’t get much of that type of combat stress in the navy; mine was mostly generated from sleep deprivation, boredom, isolation, and routine. For me, that means I can safely predict what I’d do in jail, underway on ship, or in an industrial environment. I can’t say for certain what I’d do if I were a castmember in this situation. Keep in mind most of the men were cheering Barnes on during the village scene; even members of Elias’ squad if I recall correctly. I doubt most of the characters portrayed would have condoned such behavior without the context.



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