The Real Platoon(9): Who the… is Elias Grodin?

25 05 2008

Talking about reliable sources and legends…

The “fact” that the character’s name in the movie was Elias Grodin has now became so popular that it is mentioned in almost every newer review of Platoon, also written by professional journalists.

I strongly believe that the source of this “information” is the¬†Platoon¬†poster with dog tags showing the name. Like this one (click for bigger picture):

I could swear the whole name hoax started few years ago, maybe with the market launch of the PC Game. The name on other (older?) posters is unreadable.

But those dog tags also say USMC, also Marines, even though the caption at the beginning of the movie and the “Electric Strawberry” patches worn by the solders clearly identify the unit as 25th Infantry Division.

Knowing a little bit about the editing process I assume that the poster designer just invented the name. Back in 1987 it was surely damn hard to do any background research, nor there was any time for this. If it happened later, the designer simply haven’t done the homework.

Once someone had the idea to decipher the name and posted it somewhere in the net, the name started to spread like an information-weed, or a virus. There is no way to stop it. Which is also a good example and warning for taking ANY information in the WWW for granted.

I only wonder what OS thinks about it. And if he noticed it at all.


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