The French Connection

18 05 2008

A possible reference for Platoon:

QUOTE: Productions like The 317th Platoon (1965), The Anderson Platoon(1967) and the Drummer-Crab (1977) obviously inspired both Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now Redux (1979) and Oliver Stone’s Platoon (1986).
French actress Aurore Clement seen in the
Drummer-Crub plays a role in Apocalypse Now Redux’s French plantation chapters connecting the Vietnam war with the French experience in the First Indochina War. Another hint is Coppola borrows a famous line from The 317th Platoon: “the White leaves but the Yellow stays”.

Oliver Stone adopted Schoendoerffer’s cinema verite used in The 317th Platoon and The Anderson Platoon. During the production of Platoon, Stone who was also a Vietnam veteran forced his cast and crew to live like an actual platoon in the jungle, it was the very same technique used by Schoendoerffer twenty one years earlier in The 317th Platoon. Also Stone’s film title and theme bear a striking resemblance with Schoendoerffer’s platoon movie and documentary shot in Vietnam.

La 317e section (1965)

QUOTE: Former war correspondent during this conflict, Schoendoerffer filmed this movie in a so realistic way that it seems to be a document shot during the battle. But unlike many war movies, this one is not only based on the visual and sound effects. Its interest lies in the portray of the two main characters.


I suspect it’s an interesting article in French, sadly Babelfish can only give you an idea that the text deals with cinematic methods used in Platoon.


Note to self: learn French. Get the movies.

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