Reactions: Chuck Norris Warns The Moviegoing Public About Platoon

17 05 2008

QUOTE: Chuck Norris Fact: In 1987, the star of Missing in Action and Mission in Action II: The Beginning(not to mention the forthcoming Braddock: Mission in Action III), sensed a change in the political and cultural winds that he feared might imperil the making of Missing in Action IV: Electric Boogaloo. Consequently, he issued a statement trying to warn people off Oliver Stone’s Platoon, saying that if audiences wanted to “be depressed” by “all that realism”, they should just sit at home and “watch the news.” Stone, perhaps fearing the wrath of the man who never sleeps but only waits, chose not to return fire and get into a feud with the future Texas Ranger, and the story soon faded from the papers. But it remains proof of Chuck Norris’s unique vision that he’s probably the only person on Earth to ever accuse Oliver Stone of realism.


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