Cast & Crew: Corkey Ford Remembers Platoon

30 04 2008

QUOTE: Twenty years ago, Corkey Ford took his mother to see a movie. It was a good movie, an Oscar-winning movie. Mom rather enjoyed it until, well… maybe Corkey should tell it.

She screamed and passed out. We had to carry her out of the theater. Tough to blame Mom. She had just seen her son tied dead to a tree. (…)

The original script seemed kind to Manny. He was the one with the lines that pulled guys together when things were in shambles. Stone sometimes described Corkey as the backbone of the group.
The problem is no one likes a four-hour movie. The script ran too long. Scissors were needed.

Corkey left the movie premier seeing red. Manny didn’t say one word. (…)

“Oliver tied me to a tree and didnt tell anyone where I was, Corkey says. The only direction he told the rest of the cast is, Hes out there somewhere. Find him. Youll know when you get there. Then he just let the cameras roll.

Actor Keith David was the first to spot Corkey dead. He puked.

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“Stone sometimes described Corkey as the backbone of the group”? Which version of the script are they talking about?!? There was not that much of Manny in the final draft… 

… or did the author mixed up the group of characters in the story with the group of actors on the set… :-/


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