WWW Findings: If Oliver Stone Picked a Pseudonym…

29 04 2008

A HERO’S TALE (Word Trade Center)

From: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgif=/c/a/2006/08/06/PKG68K8LBR1.DTL&type=movies

OS: “If I could change my name like John le Carre does when he writes books, I would have done it years ago.” He’s even picked a pseudonym — Alex Miller. (…)

He’s also seriously considering a comedy.

Stone has been working on a script about the changes people go through from childhood to old age.

“In part, it’s based on my father and my sons and my wives — I’ve had three — and my grandmothers,” he says. “It would be even more personal than ‘Platoon.’ I mean this would be on a larger canvas. Of course, I worry that it would be viewed as self-indulgent and a vanity project.”

Sounds like the time to trot out Alex Miller.

The name Alexander seems to have a special meaning to him, maybe because of his childhood friend mentioned in Child’s Night Dream. There is also an Alexander in Break.



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