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4 04 2008

Where a Google Alert set on Oliver Stone can take you: totally off topic but very interesting:


Ironically, I began to understand how censorship worked in so-called free societies when I reported from totalitarian societies. During the 1970s I filmed secretly in Czechoslovakia, then a Stalinist dictatorship. I interviewed members of the dissident group Charter 77, including the novelist Zdener Urbanek, and this is what he told me. “In dictatorships we are more fortunate than you in the West in one respect. We believe nothing of what we read in the newspapers and nothing of what we watch on television, because we know it’s propaganda and lies. Unlike you in the West. We’ve learned to look behind the propaganda and to read between the lines, and like you, we know that the real truth is always subversive.”

Someone on IMDB posted this link
it was removed next day, because of the controversial content. The spoof is called Broketoon after Brokeback Mountain. I don’t know your attitude toward gays, I found it somewhere between hilarious and tasteless, had a laugh though. Caution; adult content — watch on your own risk!


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