Sidetracks: Tropic Thunder

1 04 2008

A new Vietnam-movies spoof: Tropic Lighning with Jack Black and Ben Stiller, coming in sommer. I hope it is not an April’s Fool joke.

QUOTE: Ben Stiller: I had the idea for the movie twenty years ago when I was doing Empire of the Sun in 1987 because at that time that’s when all these Vietnam movies were being made and my friends and I were going on auditions for these Vietnam movies and my friends were getting them and going away to fake boot camps. It seemed like there was a time when all actors were going away to fake boot camp and talking about these incredible experiences that they had and how it really changed their lives and there was something there that seemed funny to me. Maybe it was because I wasn’t getting parts in those movies, but I was like, ‘Oh, wow. You’re going off and getting all of that. What about people who actually go to war?’

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