The Platoon

16 03 2008

Found another gem. Sadly, I did save the PDF file but didn’t save the link. Must go and find it again… 

Personal Struggles and Political Issues
an interview by Gary Crowdus, 1988

Quote: Q: If you had been able to make Platoon when you first completed the script in 1976, do you thing the public response might have been different?

A: Yes. the script was more of less the same structure. It deepened a bit for me in 1984 when I did a rewrite and put in the killing of Sgt. Barnes by the C Sheen character. That was a heightening of the symbolism I was trying to achieve. In the original version of the script, Chris got out easy, he just walked. In the final rewrite I decided that, be that as it may, he would go out of there a murderer. 

So Stone wasn’t stoned doing those deleted scenes from 20th Anniversary Edition, but tried out the initial idea! Now, what I want is the first draft of the script! 

They still used the name “The Platoon” while shooting, as the picture (as mentioned HERE) already shows. Is there a story behind the name change?

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