Sidetracks: Tim Page and Ron Kovic

4 03 2008

Was watching TV at my parents’. They showed a programm about war photography and a picture made by David Turnley I remembered from the 1991: it made it onto many of newspapers’ title pages back then. (you have to scroll down)

The picture reminded me of Vietnam era photograph series Yankee Papa 13 by Larry Burroughs, but even if I knew both pictures I never before brought them together. While looking for them online to assure the similarity wasn’t only in my mind, I landed again at the Tim Page fan website, which made me wonder what the guy’s doing right now. Page is one of few war photographers whose pictures have a recognizable style. I have two books edited by him, NAM – The Vietnam Experience and Requiem. This man must have seven lives like a cat. His Vietnam “tour” ended as he’s got a shrapnel into his head and spent long time in a hospital. 

What I didn’t know until now: during his recovery he was taking care of disabled vets who were in worse shape than himself. And one of those vets was… Ron Kovic. Kovic worked as adviser for Coming Home and Jane Fonda has apparently stated that Ron Kovic’s story was the inspiration for the movie. 

Don’t know why, but tidbits of this kind make me feel as if I discovered some essential mystery about the world. It amazes me, again and again, that what I find, lets me (kind of) run in circles, and in the end everything is connected.

I know I’m weird.



Tim Page:

Yankee Papa 13:

Kovic and Coming Home: 


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