Connections: Poster Motive

4 02 2008

Actually I really hate the “official” poster for Platoon. It’s so over-dramatic. For an observant viewer it actually gives the plot away. 

It was several times compared to the photo of Art Greenspon but from the first time I have seen the picture of dying Elias, I have seen some similar image and it seemed to be somehow related to an antiwar poster I remembered from my childhood. It had definitely nothing to do with the Vietnam photo. IMO the parallel doesn’t really work, as the photograph doesn’t show a dying soldier. The context is totally different. Robert Capa’s photograph from the Spanish Civil War would be closer… 

But I knew there was something else… 

I was looking for it for ages, probably the stars are in some favorable constelation today. Then this is the image I meant:

Still haven’t found the name of the photographer though, but at least I know I wasn’t dreaming.



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