Strange post at Wikipedia

17 01 2008

Browsing through Wikipedia I found a little note that literally made me jump:

This is from Shakespeare Henry IV, where Falstaff has stabbed himself in the thigh to feign death. When he is resurrected in front of the prince he says “Come friend John, Let us to the highest ground, to see what friends are living, who are dead.”

Which immediately made you think about the scene with Francis first stabbing himself and then talking to Chris about “getting HIGH”.

The funniest thing: the poster is most probably wrong. Couldn’t find such occurance in Henry IV, at least as far as I could guess from overlooking the play’s text (Shakespeare in original is a bit too much for me…).

I do have some unhealthy knack for weirdness, but such harmless serendipities always creep me out. It seems like the poster was reading this long essay about Henry IV, which NOONE seemed to know. Such moments leave me sitting there, mouth open, with big question mark floating above my head.



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