Sidetracks: Watching Born on the 4th of July

30 11 2007

So finally I came to watch the new DVD which was collecting dust on my shelf. It was the first time I could watch the movie without dubbing. 

Surprise #1 — Tom Berenger as reincarnation of Barnes really steals the show. I remember I literally froze as I saw him, but now I noticed that something’s wrong. He doesn’t SOUND like Barnes! Or is it just me?

Surprise #2 — Spotted a recruiting poster hanging in a window. For a moment I thought I saw  the Polish movie poster for Platoon!

 Right away I wrote an email to the artist who designed the Polish poster, asking if he used the recruiting poster as an inspiration. He answered that he’d never seen it before. Isn’t it just a totally weird coincidence? Or — again — is it only me seeing ghosts? 

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the Am. poster anywhere online, the screenshot is the best image I have.

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