First time?

9 10 2007


If you think this blog looks like if it started in the middle of a story — it’s surely because it indeed starts in the middle of the story. Actually it’s not October 07 but August 08, but I wanted to keep the timeline and this post being the first one. 

The posts from September 2007 through August 2008 are based on an email exchange with a fellow Platoon addict. Information can be such fun if you can share it — I started to search the net again after few years of abstinence, one discovery led to another, and as I started to keep notes about them, there was only a little step to a blog.

It would be hard to write down all I’d found out in last 20 years, so — assuming it’s of interest to anyone beside me — I will add some older stuff later as “Archive Files”. Let’s see if it works… 

I’m new to this blogging business. So bear with me.

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